The bearing is the support of the mechanical drive shaft, an important guarantee for the performance, function and efficiency of the main machine, and is called the “joint” of the machinery and equipment. Its key role is to transfer force and motion and reduce friction loss.
China is one of the four ancient civilizations. China’s ancient technology was very brilliant, and the four inventions had a great influence on future generations. China is also the country that began to create and invented bearings. As early as more than 4,000 years ago, cars appeared in China and began to apply sliding bearings. During the Zhou Dynasty, the use of animal oil for bearing lubrication technology was invented. During the Warring States Period, China gradually began to make shaft tiles with metal. Guo Shoujing, a scientist in the Yuan Dynasty, had invented the rotary support (turntable bearing) technology. In the Qing Dynasty, cylindrical roller bearings were made in a modern bearing structure. During the period of the Republic of China, China gradually began to mass production and processing of bearings, and produced Wafangdian, Shanghai two bearing production and manufacturing bases. After the founding of China ‘s Republic of China, China’ s bearing industry developed rapidly, and finally laid the overall pattern of the current development of the bearing industry. Although China has already become the third largest bearing production and sales country in the world.

With the rapid development of high and new technologies such as aerospace, nuclear industry, electronics computer, optical and electromagnetic instruments, and precision machinery, the world bearing industry reflecting the current level of science and technology has entered a new era of comprehensive innovation of production technology, rapidly developing types, vigorously strengthening performance, precision, and increasingly mature and perfect.
With the continuous progress of China’s economy and the continuous improvement of automation, the requirements for the host will become higher and higher, and then the performance and technical standards of the team bearing will become higher and higher, new products continue to emerge, the demand will inevitably be bigger and bigger.
The state continues to increase energy saving and emission reduction efforts and build an energy-saving society will surely accelerate the transformation process of energy saving and consumption reduction of traditional industries. In addition, promoting the rapid development of the new energy industry will bring greater opportunities to the progress of the bearing industry. Therefore, the bearing industry will continue to grow rapidly in the future.

Post time: Jun-08-2021