Large-scale mechanical equipment is often composed of multiple parts. Perhaps in the initial use, we will not pay too much attention to a certain part of the mechanical equipment, but after a period of use, a slight failure of a small part will cause Circumstances where the entire device cannot operate normally. Large-scale machinery and equipment are costly, and failures often mean considerable economic losses. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the good cooperation of each component of the machinery and equipment to help the machinery and equipment to operate more stably. Stainless steel bearings are a key but easily overlooked component for many large mechanical equipment.


1. During the operation of mechanical equipment, stainless steel bearings need to bear a large part of the pressure. Therefore, large-scale mechanical equipment usually has higher requirements for the hardness of stainless steel bearings. Only if the bearing has sufficient hardness can it be ensured that it is sufficient in operation. Steady and solid;

2. Stainless steel bearings also need to bear a lot of friction during the operation of large mechanical equipment. The wear resistance of high-precision stainless steel bearings tends to be better. By adding lubricating oil to prevent wear and friction, the service life of the bearings can be increased, and certain costs can be reduced for enterprises.

3. Stainless steel bearings tend to generate a lot of heat during high-speed operation. Regular stainless steel bearings can adapt well to high-temperature working environments, and can withstand the heat generated by friction.

Different bearings are suitable for different mechanical equipment. For large-scale mechanical equipment, the selection of suitable stainless steel bearings can increase the guarantee for stable operation and further exert the use value of the equipment.

Post time: Sep-26-2021