The bearing is installed at the root of the steering knuckle shaft, which is difficult to remove, mainly because it is inconvenient to operate. A special puller can be used, which can be easily removed. Put the two half-conical inner round pull sleeves of the puller on the inner bearing, tighten the fastening bolts, and then cover the pull sleeve with the pull sleeve ring so that it cannot be opened, and then rotate the handle to make the top of the screw stick to the center of the steering knuckle end hole, and continue to turn the handle clockwise to pull out the inner bearing.


Dismantling with old leaf springs:

    Cut two holes slightly larger than the diameter of the tire nut on the old leaf spring of suitable length according to the center distance of the tire nut, turn the concave surface of the leaf spring outward, and screw the nut into the front end of the steering knuckle flush with the end to protect the steering Knuckle thread, fill the spacer with appropriate thickness between the leaf spring and the steering knuckle, and tighten the two tire nuts pressed on the leaf spring at the same time, using the properties of the leaf spring, the rolling mill bearing that is not too tight can be pulled outwards. If the bearing still cannot be removed, hammer the middle of the leaf spring several times to generate vibration, and then turn the nut.

    Notes are as follows:
1. Before disassembly, the relationship between the bearing and the associated parts should be clarified:
    Carefully observe the relationship between the position of the bearing and the associated parts, analyze the installation process and method, and then work out the method and procedure for disassembly.
2. Try not to disassemble if possible:
    For the separated bearing, the inner and outer rings are usually made of interference fit. In order to ensure the accuracy of the fit and shorten the repair period, try not to disassemble it as much as possible.
3. Adopt scientific disassembly method:
(1) When disassembling the journal, force should be applied to the inner ring, and the rolling mill bearing on the disassembling bearing seat should be applied to the inner ring.
(2) When disassembling the inner ring or outer ring of the bearing, the force should be balanced and even, and should not be skewed to prevent jamming.
(3) When disassembling the bearing, do not knock it with a broken object, it must be disassembled by pressing or using a special disassembly tool, and a copper rod can also be used in individual cases

Post time: May-16-2022