1. Select appropriate installation

  Tapered roller bearing outer ring and bearing housing housing holes should not be used at the same time with the inner ring and journal should not be used too tight, when installing the nut should be adjusted to produce more flexible axial displacement.Because if the tapered roller bearing is used with the interference of bearing contact Angle change, it is easy to lead to the increase of high temperature caused by uneven bearing load distribution.Therefore, the housing holes of this type of bearing inner and outer ring and journal and bearing seat are generally pushed into the journal with both hands and thumbs, and the housing holes are the best holes.

2. Adjust the axial clearance

  The thrust clearance can be adjusted by adjusting the nut on the journal, adjusting the thread of the washer and bearing seat or with a preloaded spring.Axial clearance is the bearing size at the time of installation. In this arrangement, the distance between the bearing, shaft and bearing can be determined according to the working conditions.When adjusting clearance for high load, the high-speed tapered roller bearing must adjust the influence of temperature rise on the axial clearance. The increase of clearance caused by temperature rise, that is, the axial clearance should be adjusted to a greater extent.For low speed and vibration bearings, no clearance installation or pre-installed installation should be adopted.The purpose is to make the tapered roller bearing roller and raceway to produce a good uniform contact load distribution, to prevent the drum and drum is damaged by vibration.Check the size of the adjustment axial clearance with a dial meter.The method is that the first micrometer is fixed on the fuselage or housing so that the gloss surface of the micrometer contacting the shaft is against the shaft.The maximum allowable value for an axial needle is the value of the axial clearance.

3. Perform debugging and temperature detection

  In order to make the roller of tapered roller bearing in good contact with the raceway and obtain appropriate axial clearance, the test and test temperature should be carried out after the installation of the sub-bearing and each adjustment of clearance.The method is to first operate at low speed for 2-8 minutes, then speed test for 2 hours, then step by step to high speed.The test run of each stage speed shall not be less than 30 minutes, the heating speed shall not exceed 5℃/ hour, and the final stable temperature shall not exceed 70℃.In addition, when installing and adjusting tapered roller bearings, attention should also be paid to the need to make tapered rollers and ring large ribs in good contact.

Post time: Aug-25-2021