Bearing Maintenance Cycle

How often should the bearings be serviced?Bearings can theoretically be used for 20,000 to 80,000 hours, but the specific life depends on wear and work intensity during use.

Dry the cleaned bearing with a dry rag, and then soak it in anti-rust oil. In this process, the bearing should be completely in contact with the anti-rust oil, and the bearing should be rotated continuously, so that the oil film formed by the anti-rust oil can cover the surface of the bearing to achieve the purpose of anti-rust.

Next, use lithium grease and butter to evenly coat the surface of the bearing, including inner and outer rings, wheels, and cages. And the bearing is rotated while wiping, so that the butter can really enter the inside of the bearing and play a full lubricating role. First, put the bearing in gasoline to clean it, wipe off the sludge and dust remaining on the bearing, and wipe and polish the bearing with metallographic sandpaper lightly with metallographic sandpaper until it feels rough.

The final process is packaging. In order to save costs, we “turn waste into treasure”, cut the cement packaging bags scrapped in the warehouse into packaging bags of suitable size, wrap the bearings tightly, package them well, label the specifications and models of the bearings, and put them back on the shelves for storage.




Bearing maintenance steps

1.Remove the wheel first, remember to close the screw, it will be troublesome if it falls.

2.Remove the bearing. Some wheels are very tight, and the bearing is difficult to remove, so use a hexagonal wrench (the one that removes the screw) to dig it out hard, and the bearing is not easy to break.

3.First use a toothbrush to brush off the dirt on the surface of the bearing.

4.The side cover of some bearings is detachable, while others are not. First judge whether the bearing is detachable.

5.If it’s detachable, it’s simple. Use a flat-blade precision screwdriver to pry up the C-ring at the notch of the C-ring, and then remove the side cover, just remove one side.

6.If it is not removable, it is more troublesome. Use destructive methods. Use a precision screwdriver to penetrate the seam of the side cover, and pry the side cover up hard, don’t doubt, that’s it, but the side cover can’t be put back on. As long as one side is removed, it will be destroyed by removing both sides.

7.Remove one side cover of all bearings, and you can start washing. Pour the stained oil into the bowl, throw the bearing down and stir it up.

Post time: May-05-2022